Saudi Arabia's No. 1 fast food chain

Herfy is a fast-growing network of over 170 hugely popular fast food restaurants across Saudi Arabia. This makes Herfy far and away the biggest and fastest-growing fast food chain in the Kingdom—and one of the biggest fast food companies in the Middle East.

Indeed, Herfy has already started expanding overseas with branches in Bahrain, Emirates, Kwuait, and Egypt, and soon, the rest of the Gulf.

Herfy's menu offering top Saudi favorites because of the way they capture local tastes, has helped fuel Herfy's phenomenal growth. Herfy offers one of the most varied menus in the business including a choice of 19 combo meals and some 30 individual items from hamburgers to chicken, seafood and various side orders.

In response to changing market tastes, Herfy regularly refreshes its menu with new additions, including such recent hits as the Mushroom Swiss Burger, Chicken Rings, besides a variety of side orders and desserts like Fusion Ice Cream and Herfy Frappe.

This unique success is reflected in reality by having ISO 22000:2005 certification for all Herfy restaurants at once not for each restaurant apart, hence it is one of the first companies in the region to have such certification with that effectiveness.

A new look, a new era of growth

To celebrate three decades of its establishment and under the slogan "33 Years Serving the Nation," Herfy recently adopted a contemporary new logo which reflects its leadership stature, products of world-class quality. The sleek new icon, inspired by the initial Arabic character of the Herfy name, projects a modern yet distinctly Arabic feel and will accompany Herfy into the future as it continuous its dynamic growth as one of the region's major food services brands.