Sweets & Chocolate

Pastry, Bakery and Chocolate

A New Chain of Pastry, Bakery and Chocolate Showrooms

The Herfy family recently grew with the launch in 2004 of a new chain of Herfy pastry, bakery and chocolate showrooms. There are now 20 showrooms in Riyadh, each one offering an exquisite selection of cakes, confectioneries, pastries and other Herfy bakery products.

Sweets & Chocolate Shops also offer distinct varieties of the finest chocolate, such as gourmet Patibon, Delaviuda, and Marzipan chocolate made of the best quality ingredients, allowing us to provide herfy chocolate with a rich, smooth, unique taste, and distinctive and attractive forms for all occasions.

For special occasions, Sweets & Chocolate Shops offer the unique chocolate fountain made of gourmet Patibon, and a variety of chocolate glass trays of wonderful designs and bright colors to be a prestigious gift for loved ones and friends.