Herfy Food Services Company
More than 37 years serving the nation

For over 37 years, the name Herfy has become synonymous with world-class Saudi quality, entrepreneurship and innovation. It is one of today’s leading Arab companies, with a successful reputation built on its market-leading restaurant, bakeries and meat-processing businesses.

The company was co-founded in 1981 by Mr. Ahmed Al-Said who had just returned from his studies in the United States, driven by a vision of the future inspired by the fast food craze then sweeping the world. In partnership with Panda United under its General Manager back then, Hamoud Al-Ibrahim, the first Herfy restaurant was opened in Riyadh that same year. Looking to have better control over the quality of its ingredients, the company also decided to start making its own breads. Thus, was also born Herfy Bakery in 1982.

In 1994, Kingdom Holding took control of Panda United’s stake in the company and in 1998, Al Azizia Panda United was incorporated with the Savola Group. Since then, Herfy has been operating in partnership with the Savola Group.

Herfy’s solid commitment to quality and highly-qualified staff as well as its continuous investments in the latest fast food technology form the bedrock of its success. A series of administrative measures have also transformed Herfy into a lean yet powerful organization. This has allowed us to pursue an aggressive expansion program and compete with the largest international brands operating in the fast food and food production market. Through it all, Herfy has grown into the Kingdom’s biggest and most successful fast food brand, dominating the Saudi market. It has also become one of the Kingdom’s first fully-integrated food services companies with its own top of the line bakeries and a state-of-the-art meat processing plant.

Herfy’s solid commitment to quality and highly-qualified staff as well as its continuous investments in the latest fast food technology form the bedrock of its success.
At HERFY, one clear vision has been our guide throughout all those years in our non-stop endeavor to provide products and meals with the highest international standards; and thus playing a leading role in the development of the Saudi food industry Over more than 40 years, and thanks to Allah, we have succeeded to materialize this vision, as we have established the largest and most wide-spread fast food chain in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have been able also to become a fully integrated food services company with our range of facilities from the fast food chain to having our own factory of baked products as well as meat processing plantIt is my pleasure to have personally witnessed and managed the growth of this entity, and been watching with immense pride how our company, a 100% Saudi company with 1600 Saudi employees, has become a true live icon for success, creativity, and innovation in the meals and products with the right price, where more than 52 million burgers were sold in year 2017, keeping our eyes strictly focused on providing the highest quality and customer care, not only in Saudi Arabia, but in all countries in Asia and Africa.
Sam_Mohammed_BaderSam Mohammed Bader, CEO
Herfy’s phenomenal success has positioned the company for even more growth beyond the borders of Saudi Arabia. In addition to Herfy’s restaurants in Kuwait & Bangladesh, plans are already afoot to open more Herfy branches in other countries. Indeed, with its long and successful expertise, Herfy is well on its way to challenging the world’s biggest fast food brands in its own part of the world and, perhaps, beyond. We provide our franchisee with HERFY’s high quality products continuously whether, by air or sea shipments, which include beef products, chicken products, and various kinds of sauces, all produced at HERFY’s top-of-the-line factories. This approach is followed in order to preserve HERFY’s deep-rooted renowned reputation as well as to maintain the high quality of our menu items whether inside Saudi Arabia or at any other branch all over the world, and to keep the genuine taste which has distinguished HERFY over decades, especially that all HERFY’s products are Halal since they are made in the highly appreciated country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. HERFY’s products have always been the favorite for those who seek the highest standards and want to indulge themselves with gourmet quality & distinguished taste. Herfy continues to invest in product development and state-of-the-art technology, as it seeks to achieve its long-held vision to become one of the region’s leading food services brands.