Herfy’s phenomenal success has positioned the company for even more growth beyond the borders of Saudi Arabia. In addition to Herfy’s restaurants in Kuwait & Bangladesh, plans are already afoot to open more Herfy branches in other countries. Indeed, with its long and successful expertise, Herfy is well on its way to challenging the world’s biggest fast food brands in its own part of the world and, perhaps, beyond. We provide our franchisee with HERFY’s high quality products continuously whether, by air or sea shipments, which include beef products, chicken products, and various kinds of sauces, all produced at HERFY’s top-of-the-line factories. This approach is followed in order to preserve HERFY’s deep-rooted renowned reputation as well as to maintain the high quality of our menu items whether inside Saudi Arabia or at any other branch all over the world, and to keep the genuine taste which has distinguished HERFY over decades, especially that all HERFY’s products are Halal since they are made in the highly appreciated country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. HERFY’s products have always been the favorite for those who seek the highest standards and want to indulge themselves with gourmet quality & distinguished taste. Herfy continues to invest in product development and state-of-the-art technology, as it seeks to achieve its long-held vision to become one of the region’s leading food services brands.